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Buyamba ® was created to help the women and children in need in Uganda.  A portion of all proceeds from the sale of Buyumba ® footwear and accessories will be given to an established non-profit organization, Buyamba Uganda.  which in turn supports over a thousand students in their Nursery, Primary and High School programs.  In addition, we hope to establish a sustainable work environment for the women that make the beautiful paper beads and other goods that adorn the footwear.

Children are struggling and dying in Uganda, Africa. Disease and poverty are pervasive, and many children are abandoned or orphaned. And yet the very future of their country rests in their hands. Only through education will this youngest generation be able to lift the country from its troubles. Unfortunately, education is not publicly available in Uganda. Non-profit organization Buyamba Uganda is dedicated to helping as many of these most vulnerable children get the education they need to lift themselves, and ultimately their country, out of despair.

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